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Strategy · Perspective · Transformation

Business changes faster than ever, and the pace is only accelerating.
Adapting isn't enough; you've got to stay ahead of the demands of your customers and the pressures of your competitors. Last year's thinking simply won't cut it.

We've got years of experience tackling the toughest business challenges,but we're not tied to yesterday's solutions. We're always updating our thinking, finding better answers — and asking better questions.

Creativity · Energy · Execution

The right idea, delivered at the right time, can be revolutionary
— but nothing happens just by thinking about it. Powerful ideas deserve powerful execution.

Don't let your greatest opportunities get lost between inspiration and reality. We can help you generate those revolutionary ideas, craft the plans that will bring them to life, and drive those plans to successful completion.

Courage · Leadership · Experience

Leading a 21st-century company is a daunting experience.
The modern business landscape is an unforgiving place, changing faster than ever, and the pace is only accelerating. Succeeding demands rare courage and steadfast tenacity.

We know, because we've done it. We've helped guide companies through their most difficult challenges -- and shown them how to take advantage of their greatest opportunities. We can do the same for you.

Tomko Tek specializes in executive and technology consulting.

When you're facing the kinds of problems that affect the fate of your company, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and no easy answers. You need a partner with the experience and perspective to understand your company's critical needs, and the proven ability to deliver solutions to meet them.

Tomko Tek is that partner. We're a management and technology consulting firm dedicated to helping companies solve hard problems, across areas as diverse as executive consulting, enterprise and technical architecture, application development, strategic analysis, project execution, and creative development.

Tomko Tek was founded in 2006 by people who've been where you are. We're former executives and key employees of companies large and small, from Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley startups, with decades of experience facing the kinds of challenges that we now help our customers overcome every day.